Friday April 28: travel and arrival of IWISH team in Port Au Princ Haiti.
(Dr Dree Stryker OBGYN; Gail McGee, pediatrics)  Team will be met by Emmanual – our wonderful translator, guide, and operator of an orphanage we will again visit on Monday.


Hospital Les Messie to organize the surgical instruments that we will be using later in the week. Seeing LEEP and colposcopy patients, possibly with local medical students and residents.


Hospital Les Messie to see the Preop patients  Including perform vaginal ultrasounds preoperatively.


At orphanage all day seeing patients, possibly accompanied by some of the Haitian medical students.


Dr Dree Stryker will be giving 3 or 4  15-20 minute lectures with 20-30 minutes after each lecture for questions/ answers at Port Au Prince General. The audience will be nurses, students, residents and attending physicians from the teaching hospitals in the area.

Next to Les Messie to begin surgeries.  More complex cases this first day so can see for follow-up the next day.


Surgeries all day.  The Haitian medical team has lined up patients for these two days.


Travel to La Gonave to assist in surgeries with local staff and another NGO. Including participation in the (complicated) delivery of a woman afflicted with a placenta with a bad sense of direction (previa).


Early AM surgery and ultrasound patients. Also meet with Dr. Bob, the nursing school and hospital administrators to get a feel whether there is potential for a sustainable alliance with IWISH.

If time, visit 1-2 of the orphanages on La Gonave. Pediatrics Staff, Gail, will examine the children (and adults if needed). Get a good start on needs evaluation for the future trips.

Return flight to Port Au Princ and Dr Honore.

Saturday – return to US.

Check back for photos from the team as we receive them!