May 1, 2015

Dr. Stryker of IWISH and Dr. Honore of Haiti have been trying to address the issue of testing for high grade cervical lesions, as cervical cancer is a huge issue in Haiti.  Dr Honore had met with members of the WHO in Washington DC while he was on his Fulbright exchange two years ago.  The objective was to determine the best means of detecting dysplasia (the precancerous condition) in women in underdeveloped countries so that it could be treated before it turned into cancer.  Due to a paucity of gynecologic equipment and cytopathologists, consistent testing of tissue samples in Haiti is  virtually impossible. 

Dr Stryker and IWISH Board members met with the CEO of Guided Therapeutics, makers of Lu Viva, to discuss diagnostic testing options that don’t require tissue analysis.  Other OBGYN’s in Haiti and US are collaborating, seeking cost-effective solutions viable in third world realities.

IWISH is looking for partners to sponsor research in this area.

Dr Honore Head of OBGYNm Port Au Prince Hospital; Gordon Stryker, IWISH BOD Chair; Dr Audrey Stryker, IWISH after meeting in Atlanta with reps from Guided Therapeutics.