The stated objective of the March (Spring Break) medical mission trip was to finalize the team of Haitian physicians that would make the clinics self-sustaining. The core group of Haitian physicians is passionate and very appreciative of the dedication that we have to helping the Haitian people, but clear that they would like to be able to provide care to the Haitian people themselves, if given the technology, training and opportunity. Patients were seen at the Les Bours School of Hope Clinic, as well as at the Jeremie and Okay Tent Cities. Gail McGee, the nurse coordinating this mission, tore up her knee and had surgery the week before trip, so she stayed home. Although Linda Dykema (RN) and I were the only US medical care providers, we were accompanied intermittently by our Haitian colleagues. Also in attendence was a very enthusiastic group of Cornerstone College (Grand Rapids, Michigan) students, two of whom had an interest in medicine, all of whom were inspirational in their own ways, under the loving guidance of Molly Heemstra,their supervisor. In addition to organizing our pharmacy, Heidi and Kimberly each performed a minor surgical procedure during their “medical mission”. With their “good hands” and their loving hearts, either of them will be a tremendous asset to the medical profession.

Medical supplies, medications, instruments and educational tools were distributed during this mission to doctors affiliated with Port Au Prince General hospital as well as an affiliate of St. Dameon’s hospital. Please see photographs in the March photo gallery, courtesy of the Cornerstone College students and Molly Heemstra.