Our Work

IWISH Mission: To achieve sustainable healthcare for Women & Children in poverty-stricken countries

To sustain means to give support or relief to, to supply with sustenance, to keep up, to prolong.


Providing medical training and technology in Haiti is our current emphasis.

The ultimate goal of our work in Haiti is to provide training and technology to local physicians as well as their labor and delivery unit and operating room, making it possible for the Haitian physicians and staff to provide optimal care to their patients.


Collaborative Partnerships:

Our work in Haiti began in a close partnership with HFAP (Haiti Foundation Against Poverty), a registered non-profit charity which helps provide Haitian families in Cite Soleil and the surrounding areas with life necessities like food, clothing, shelter, and education.  We initially supported their work with a focus on the medical care of the people they served.  IWISH Foundation prioritized collaboration with Haitian physicians affiliated with the Port Au Prince General Hospital OBGYN residency-training program, as well as other local hospitals. One of these is on the island of LaGonave, off the coast of Haiti.  Since our September 2013 trip, we have intermittently partnered with ITECH, a charitable organization from the University of Washington, to help equip and train medical care providers in Port Au Prince, Jeremie and Jacmel as well as on the island of La Gonave.


Four Sites in Haiti

Port Au Prince 

Hôpital Le Messie (Drs. Hosty and Honore)
Port Au Prince General Hospital

La Gonave 

La Gonave Wesleyan Hospital (Ms Vero  & Daniel Bertrand, CEO)
We are playing an integral role in the equipping of the labor and delivery and operating rooms at their new hospital, that has been built by the local artisans with philanthropic support from an organization in Europe for the infrastructure and solar energy.

Hôpital St. Antoine de Jérémie (Mme Pamphile, assistant director)

Hôpital Saint-Michel   (Dr. Bernine Bastien with I-TECH)

Non-medical work
Since our June 2014 trip, IWISH has started to look at our role in helping the communities we serve find a sustainable means of filling the voids in care and education of children still left in local orphanages. You may download a document with stories and reports from our team: Orphanage report collage for details of our recent efforts. We have recruited the talent of Darcy Cunningham (author of “Dignity from Despair: A Step by Step Guide for Transforming the Lives of Women and Children—Successful NGO Creation Using the Maher Method”) to our Board hoping that her experience in India will help us consider and possibly develop this new work effectively.