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Currently, IWISH is working to provide aid for the people of Haiti.

All donations are gratefully accepted.  IWISH is a 501c3 charity and donation receipts for tax purposes will be mailed promptly.  If you wish to personalize your donation, such as “in memory of …” or “as a tribute to…”  just let us know!

NEW PROJECTS post Hurricane Matthew 2016:

On October 11, Hurricane Matthew pummeled the Southern coast of Haiti. Its violent path demolished homes, wiped out livestock and crops, triggered damaging floods, claimed over 1000 lives, and destroyed communities. Without clean water, still looming is the threat of cholera. With the 2010 earthquake tragedy still palpable, this disaster is a powerful blow to Haiti, both physically and mentally. Please join us in the international effort to sustainably rebuild Haitian communities.  READ MORE

“Clean Water Solutions”:

Your generous donation will support our Haitian partners working to relieve and rebuild communities through sustainable clean water efforts and training Haitians in well, toilet, and filter construction. Spearheaded by our colleague and doctor-in-training Natalie Fettinger and UC San Diego School of Medicine, you can read about her trip with us in Haiti in 2014.

Please type “Clean Water Solutions” in the special instructions section in Paypal to earmark your gift to this project.  Please include your mailing address to receive a letter for US tax deduction.

We also are grateful for donation of equipment and supplies.

EQUIPMENT NEEDS, BY HOSPITAL, AS OF JAN. 2015  (Note Port Au Prince needs updated March 2017 for our upcoming mission.)

Port Au Prince Hôpital Le Messie (Drs. Hosty and Honore)  Urgent needs:

  • Hysteroscopy set
  • Cryoguns (with probes if possible) (2)
  • Manometer: O2, NO2, and CO2 (if possible)
  • Light source (Stryker Endoscopy): X 7,000 or X 6,000
  • Cook Disposable Biopsy Needle 18ga/ 20 cm ( REF: CBXN-180020)
  • Pipelle de Cormier (for Endometrium Biopsy)
  • Fetal monitors – 2 (portable with trace)
  • cardio scope
  • Manometer NO2
  • Insufflator for laparoscope
  • Heaney for Hysterectomy

Other OB/GYN needs

  • Birthing beds
  • Gynetech colposcopy bulbs 6 volts 5 amp 8025
  • Green filter replacement
  • Resectoscope Loop resectors for the hysteroscopy/cystoscopy equipment
  • Birthing Beds- need Nine
  • IV poles – 10
  • Fetal dopplers – 3
  • Vaginal probe for the Titan Sonosite if available
  • OR table with stirrups
  • Kahn cannula
  • Cloth boots, hats, masks and OR gowns
  • Cupboards to organize OR equipment – preferably on wheels to transport between rooms
  • Scrub sink
  • Wheelchairs – 4
  • Electrocautery pads reusable and disposable pens for valley lab cautery
  • 2 foot fluorscent tubes of bili lights
  • Yellow fin stirrups
  • Leisegang colposcopy bulb 3D3bdf
  • TPN and IV pumps for pediatric TPN – pediatric endoscope (Dr. Balan)

Urologist List:  (at PAP)

    • (Needle for Biopsy of Prostate, REF: 121820, LSN: 1.7cm, PD: 22mm, GL: Gauge Size and Needle Length: 18g×20cm). Or 16g×20cm
  • COAXIAL ACHIEVE: REF CA1815:18G×15cm
    • Loop for Resectoscope Karl Storz (Working Element) Germany (27050E-26055N22CH)
    • Loop for Resectoscope STRYKER (Working Element) 502-880-324 
  • For Dialysis: GamCath—Double Lumen Catheter Kit (adult and Pediatric) 11.5fr, 12.5fr,
  • Soft-Line Catheter Double Lumen TEMPORARY HEMODIALYSIS

Orthopedic List:  (at PAP) 

  • Camera for arthroscopic Surgery
  • Arthroscope (knee & shoulder)
  • Electrocautery
  • Meniscus scissors
  • Trocard for skin entrance
  • Shavers, multiple
  • Palpator for Cruciate Ligaments
  • Garrot Electronique
  • Two Extractors Head Femoral.

Jeremie Hôpital St. Antoine de Jérémie (Mme Pamphile, assistant director)

  • Operating table with functional stirrups
  • Mobile operating room light
  • Carts
  • Bins on wheels
  • Large Autoclave or boiler  (No 208, 3 phase, anything that is compatible with 220 volt power)
  • Stirrups with 5/8 inch mounting for OR #2
  • Stirrup padding for OR #1
  • Baby warmer/isolette
  • Cloth boots, hats, masks and OR gowns
  • Colposcope with LEEP machine and coated instruments
  • OR hysterectomy/laparotomy set of instruments/suture/gloves
  • Ultrasound with vaginal probe
  • Birthing beds
  • Cupboards to organize OR equipment- preferably on wheels to transport between rooms.

Jacmel Hôpital Saint-Michel   (Dr. Bernine Bastien with I-TECH)

  • Colposcope with LEEP machine and coated instruments and electrocautery pads
  • Ultrasound with vaginal probe
  • Cloth boots, hats, masks and OR gowns
  • OR hysterectomy/laparotomy set of instruments/suture/gloves
  • Cupboards to organize OR equipment- preferably on wheels to transport between rooms.

La Gonave La Gonave Wesleyan Hospital (Ms Vero  & Daniel Bertrand, CEO)

  • Coated forceps
  • Colposcope with LEEP machine and coated instruments and electrocautery pads
  • Coban
  • Large Generator in the event that the solar electricity fails
  • OR table with stirrups
  • Birthing beds
  • IV poles
  • Wheelchairs
  • Cloth boots, hats, masks and OR gowns
  • Ultrasound with vaginal probe
  • Adult Scales


 Additional general needs:

  1. Generators for use when the electricity is unreliable at offices, clinics and hospitals
  2. Monetary donations to offset the cost of training conferences, procurement of necessary technology and shipping of the medical equipment
  3. Solar Energy for clinics, schools, and hospital