2017 Trip Summary

Below are links to rich summaries of different aspects of the 2017 IWISH mission to Haiti. Each link contains both text and photos.  Don’t miss the “Walking Tour” of LaGonave Hospital! Enjoy!! 2017 Medical Mission summary Orphanage Summary Networking in Haiti Infertility Talk History of Laparoscopy Talk Risks of Laparoscopy Talk Hysteroscopy Talk Below: “Walking Tour” of […]

Reflections on Volunteering

When I travel with Dr. Stryker, one of my duties before the trip is to prepare daily quotations that will motivate, unite, inspire, heal, and comfort the rest of the team. I include words that have sparked a certain note in my heart, and I have spread them throughout this testimony. They speak more to […]

June 2014 Trip

Background In September 2013, we took our IWISH team on a whirlwind tour of 4 hospitals in 7 days in an effort to evaluate existing technology and identify voids in technology and training that would need to be addressed in the coming year. Because of the very specific goals and objectives for that trip, we […]

September 2013 Update

“I’ve unloaded a lot of my life here this week”- a quote from one of the members of our September 2013 mission team The goals of the September IWISH mission trip were to inventory the items that have been shipped over the past two years to our colleagues in Haiti and, if possible, to render […]

January 2013 Update

The IWISH mission of self-sustainability has been increasingly “testing the waters” of technical training and equipment donation in Haiti, where corruption and theft is the rule rather than the exception.  The three ultrasound machines donated previously are a huge asset to the training and care of the Haitian people. Those machines are portable machines that […]

After the Quake: Trip #5 (March 2011)

The stated objective of the March (Spring Break) medical mission trip was to finalize the team of Haitian physicians that would make the clinics self-sustaining. The core group of Haitian physicians is passionate and very appreciative of the dedication that we have to helping the Haitian people, but clear that they would like to be […]

After the quake: Trip #4 (October 2010)

Our trip in October with Gail McGee , Rob Kelch and Nichol Krupp was overshadowed by the tragic death of Madam Kisnail (Francionette Marie). She was a jubilant, energetic and captivating young woman who served as the night nanny at the HFAP Guest House . Pregnant with twins in one of the most impoverished countries […]

After the quake: Trip #3

The third trip, we were accompanied by Drs. Samah and Asmah Nasser and Jennifer Eddy, an RN from the RNICU at Covenant Healthcare of Saginaw Michigan. By the third trip, the makeshift neonatal unit at the University of Miami Tent Hospital was overrun with infectious disease and prematurity. I don’t think Jennifer ever left that […]

After the quake: Trip #2

As soon as we returned to Michigan, we set up the next trips. Nichol Krupp, professional photographer with a degree in social work, had been “called” to Haiti. She vowed to “kidnap” John Tully and take his place on our first flight, but resolved herself to the second trip. She and her friend Suzanne Billette, […]

After the quake: Trip #1

According to the calendar in the Les Bours school classroom (see the picture by John Tulley of Midland Daily News JPT8435), the world stopped on January 12th. As the walls of the schools shook, some collapsed, knocking over the water filters, rendering them useless. The well became the only water source available to the Le […]