2017 Trip Summary

Below are links to rich summaries of different aspects of the 2017 IWISH mission to Haiti. Each link contains both text and photos.  Don’t miss the “Walking Tour” of LaGonave Hospital! Enjoy!! 2017 Medical Mission summary Orphanage Summary Networking in Haiti Infertility Talk History of Laparoscopy Talk Risks of Laparoscopy Talk Hysteroscopy Talk Below: “Walking Tour” of […]

Packed Agenda for April 2017 Trip!

Friday April 28: travel and arrival of IWISH team in Port Au Princ Haiti. (Dr Dree Stryker OBGYN; Gail McGee, pediatrics)  Team will be met by Emmanual – our wonderful translator, guide, and operator of an orphanage we will again visit on Monday. Saturday Hospital Les Messie to organize the surgical instruments that we will be […]

In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew October 2016

By AZAM AHMED OCT. 10, 2016 New York Times JÉRÉMIE, Haiti — Things had been looking up in Jérémie, a coastal city marooned on the tip of Haiti’s southern peninsula. It had recently gotten its first decent road link to the rest of the country, a new highway through the rugged mountains that brought development. Cellphone […]

Innovating for Haiti

May 1, 2015 Dr. Stryker of IWISH and Dr. Honore of Haiti have been trying to address the issue of testing for high grade cervical lesions, as cervical cancer is a huge issue in Haiti.  Dr Honore had met with members of the WHO in Washington DC while he was on his Fulbright exchange two […]

Update January 2013

Latest News: The IWISH mission of self-sustainability has been increasingly “testing the waters” of technical training and equipment donation in Haiti, where corruption and theft is the rule rather than the exception.  The three ultrasound machines donated previously are a huge asset to the training and care of the Haitian people. Those machines are portable […]

Haiti with hope: Midlanders arrive in quake-ravaged country

On Thursday, Daily News photographer John Tully left Midland to document the journey of seven local physicians and nurses who met up with Midlander Mallery Thurlow, the founder of Haiti Foundation Against Poverty. Their hope was to set up a clinic and help Haitians in need of medical attention. This installment shares the first leg […]

Two Saginaw-area doctors trying to help in Haiti

SAGINAW (WJRT) — (01/18/10)–Two Saginaw-area doctors are trying to answer the call for help in Haiti. But they’re having a tough time getting into the country. Both doctors spend some of their time at the labor and delivery department at Covenant. Both desperately want to get to Haiti to help. But right now getting into […]